My International Gal Pals

My International Gal Pals

Brazil, China, USA, Malaysia, Japan

My International Gal Pals

USA, Australia, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil

This set of friends that I met  whilst living in China are perhaps some of the best friends a girl could ever have. Four of the gals all arrived roughly at the same time. We were all plopped into an expat community full of various ethnic backgrounds. None the same.

All different.  All delicious and delightful.

My husband was working these incredibly crazy long hours and I virtually saw him only a few hours a week. I was left to fend for myself in a strange country with a language that was beyond difficult to learn.

The friendships that were foraged during this year are more important to me than any friendships that I have had for 10 years. International women are amazing, well, let me rephrase, these international women are amazing. All but three women are back in their home country.

One friend continues the expat life on a island (lucky gal), one is still in Beijing and another just ended one year in Sweden and is returning to China, but not Bejing. Her and her family have been enjoying the expat life for 10 years!

I was monumentally sad to leave Bejing and my very special friends. I miss Beijing and had an amazing experience living in China. I miss my International gal pals!