My Favorite Skin Care Products

1) Clinque Facial Soap - Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, refreshed
2) Clinque 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula -Nudges away roughness, flakiness, helps lessen the appearance of fine lines
3) Clinque Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel- Helps reduce blemishes, promotes healing (ALL-TIME MUST HAVE)
4) Clinque Clarifying Lotion (4) - Gentle exfoliating lotion , helps control oil that can lead to breakouts (buy in bulk, daughter love this stuff to clean everything)
5) Hydrasoft Lotion - Acne -Light weight, oil free hydrator for acne or blemish prone skin
6) Triple Action Organic Scrub - Acne -Zap zits, and scrub away blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes with this deeply purifying organic skin polisher
7) Mud Lavender WashFacial- cleanser for oily skin or adult acne-prone skin
8) MD Formulations Daily Peel Pads -This daily resurfacing treatment lightly and gradually sweeps away roughness and damaged old skin cells to reveal clear, youthful, healthy-looking new skin
9) MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Complex- smooths away a lifetime of old skin cell build-up and uncover healthy new skin
10) BiON's Blackhead/Whitehead Controller- dissolve blackheads and whiteheads in two to four weeks
11) BiON's Glycolic Cleanser- Specifically for oily skin or oily acne. Reduces oils, sebum, kills acnes and opens follicles
12) Loreal Refinish Microdermabrasion - improves skin texture, minimizes pores, fine lines, & uneven skin tone
13) Retin -A - just a dab will do you!

I use all of these, delicately balanced, alternating days, quite a regimen to keep my skin looking as smooth as a babies toosh! I WISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ha ha ha ha
I do use all of these products, alternating days with this product or that product, just to keep milia at bay and wrinkles from frowning at me. I think it is working. But, who knows!