My Fanatical Tendencies


On Wednesday, Miss Johnina (please tell me how to pronouce your name, as I am calling you Jo-Nina), sent me a little note to let me know something special had just occured. She awarded me (Me, Yes, that's what I said) An Excellent Blog Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Miracles never cease-hee hee hee)

As always, I am very happy to entertain with my twisted wit, my many tantrums, my beautiful children, my SD (that's my dog people), and my bumbling hubbie.

I shall return the favor now to some of my must reads, my morning routines, my favorite flavors, my silly addictions, my delicious habits, my fanatical tendencies . . . my bloggers friends.

My Chaos My Bliss
Dear Cecily, because you have three, like me. And you are surviving with Laughs and Love abound! Plus, you are damn funny!

Glass Half full
Dear Lori, because you bring peace to my heart with your soothing banter. Plus, you are damn funny too!
are a straight shooter! Plus, you are damn funny as well!
Mommy vents
Miss Feener, because I totally get you! You and I could be twins! I think like you speak, but don't say the words aloud! Because I know what you are going through with your girls and you will all succeed! Plus, you are damn, DAMN funny!
Bottles Barbies & Boys
Miss Johnina, because I MUST return the favor to you, my blogger friend, with your kind words and advice! Plus, you ARE one damn funny girl!