Museum of Science and Industry Family Day Coming SOON!

The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the best museums in Chicago, and that’s saying a lot. There are exhibits for both the young and old there! MSI is not a museum where you need to shhhsh your children and panic every time they reach out an arm to touch something. My children and I can walk through a human heart, pretend we are fairies and live in a castle, watch baby chicks hatching, go to the center of the world, whisper across a vast hall, and much, much more! We plan on doing all this and more on Friday when we take our visiting family from very rural Iowa to MSI for the day.


There’s Fun to be Done! Dr. Seuss & The Art of Invention examines the singular imaginative force behind a bevy of fanciful people, places, creatures and things beloved by generations. From his early magazine work to his landmark children's books to his pursuit of his own "secret art," this rare collection presents even the biggest fan of Dr. Seuss with new aspects of his creative life, showing the breadth and depth of his creative life.
I know all the children will be thrilled to play with the hands-on activities that focus on Dr. Seuss’s innovative thinking. They will be playing with Oobleck, the very muck that runs amuck in Seuss's Bartholomew and the Oobleck. The boys will be inventing their own contraptions using Seussian wheels, horns and tubes. I know this will be a very exciting exhibit to see, especially since Dr Seuss has played a huge part in my children's bedtime routine.

The Museum of Science and Industry is fairly large but can be done in one day! We have our day planned out and hope we can keep all the children to our schedule (I really don’t see this happening) MSI combines learning with fun, and that is its greatest claim to fame.

Some of our favorite exhibits we plan on showing the rest of our family who are visiting from out of town (and who don’t have the luxury of having a fabulous museum in their back yard) are the "rides" or special exhibits that allow you walk through and touch them. The Coal Mine is particularly interesting, perhaps the elevator that you get to take down to the coal shaft has something to do with that, the Silver Streak is fun as well, with the simulation of speed. The U-505 submarine gives great perspective to how a sailor lived and worked and truly is an exhibit to not miss.

In addition to these favorites, we always stop and watch the baby chicks hatch, I have to tear my kids from this exhibit. Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle is absolutely amazing--whether young or old, it is something to see. The Fairy Castle is taller than my little one and has tiny furniture, working lights and is just simply gorgeous (secretly by daughters want to bring it home with us). My son is obsessed with the NetWorld, he would stay in this exhibit all day if we would let him. My children love to at everything in Science Storms, it is a great way to teach children and they don’t even know they are really learning because it is so much fun.

Science Storms
The spectacle and science of indoor lightning is provided by the 20-foot Tesla coil suspended overhead. Observe from reclined benches as the coil puts on a 1.2-million-volt show of electrical discharge, with arcs jumping up to 10 feet from the center coil to the grounding rings. Explore the properties of electrical charge and magnetism as you learn how the Tesla coil builds up and releases such massive amounts of energy.

From palm trees in a typhoon to pinwheels on a blustery day, watching air in motion can be hypnotic. In its most powerful forms, wind can also devastate in a matter of moments. In the centerpiece of Science Storms, you'll be blown away by the tornado, a 40-foot vortex of swirling air and vapor you can study and manipulate. Nearby, you can also create convection by heating the air inside large balloons and observe the effect with thermal cameras. Or team up with friends to ride along with storm chasers in a virtual race to intercept severe weather.

During the afternoon we plan on watching the Live Science experiences. I know the children are really going to enjoy these experiences.  There are free live-science experiences offered daily in Science Storms!

Happy Brrr-thday
Help celebrate the birthday of a scientist with this “cool” program that features balloons, noisemakers and tasty treats all activated with super-cold liquid nitrogen.

Poop Happens
Learn about the digestion process in this funny and engaging play. Learn how your body breaks down food to get the nutrients it needs for you to grow and be healthy. Follow the food from the mouth to the stomach ... and beyond!

A trip to the museum wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the IMAX. Presently at MSI the Rocky Mountain Express is playing. My family love IMAX movies, they are always wonderfully educational, but never boring, and they are designed with the IMAX experience in mind. We can’t wait to see the Canadian Rockies up close and personal.

Last but not least, we will be on the look out for this gentleman . . . Kevin, he's currently residing at MSI for a month  . . . my son is soooo jealous!

Museum of Science and Industry is a great museum to go to for a fabulous learning experience with your children and family. You don’t have to worry about your kids being quiet or not touching anything! Prices are $15 for adults and $10 for children.

Disclosure: All photos taken from http://www.msichicago {dot} org website. My opinions are my own. No compensation has been received. I will receive admission to MSI for my family.