Monday Tantrums

Well, My brother spent the weekend here . . . with his two little Maltese dogs. Adorable little yippy things! My kids were in dog heaven over these little mutts. If you know me, I'm not too fond of my son's dog, a yellow Labrador. So to have three dogs in my house for two days was an event for me(to say the least)! Our Mia was going crazy over these two little yippers. Our dog does not bark, not ever, in the house. She knows better. My brother's dogs have no rules, they barked, the jumped on my furniture . . . which about sent my husband to the hospital with a heart attack! Really, cute dogs . . . annoying little yippers!

My brother is a chatter . . . big chatter . . . nonstop. My husband is NOT. Is he a great thinker . . a man of very few words. My brother kept asking me . . . is he mad. Me, laughing . . . no little brother . . . he's always a grouch! ha ha Funny thing, hubbie was hardly here this weekend either! Oh, and my brother smokes . . . filthy habit . . . my whole house smells and he didn't even smoke inside!

There are so many mosquitoes in my yard . . . it is ridiculous actually! My kids were eaten alive . . . I had sprayed them, their clothes, their hair . . . no use! They love my blood, so I stay clear of outdoors. But with the children running in and out with those damn dogs, they kept letting in the little blood suckers. I have like 10 bites! My daughter is eaten alive, her face and her legs, terrible!

Speaking of blood suckers . . . I finished the Twilight series . . . I'm sad. I was so entranced with reading these books . . . I read the first three in three days! Literally, I couldn't put those books down! I savored the fourth, Breaking Dawn. I didn't want to blow through it in one day because I knew there was not a fifth to read. So I only read a bit each night through last week. I finished on Friday night though. I actually thought Eclipse was the best of the series. I really enjoyed the heart wrenching love in that book. Breaking Breaking Dawn was good, I did enjoy it, but Eclipse was my favorite. I am reading Midnight Sun on line right now, but it is hard to read a book of the internet. At least for me it is. And I am miffed that someone did that to Stephanie Meyer! How dare they!

Busy week ahead of me . . . I have over-scheduled the children, as usual, and I pay for it in the end. But they are loving their activities. Especially baby girl! But I hate this silly class, Kid Rock! It is so dorky! But baby girl loves it! So, we go and act silly each week! I can't wait until January when she is old enough to actually be enrolled in Preschool. She is too smart for her own little two year old body! Conference this week for my son . . . maybe they can help us figure out why he hates school so much. Although we do already know. He is bored to tears, even being in the Gifted program . . . it's just not enough for him. Plus, he is so shy, the teacher said he is just now starting to smile . . . breaks my heart!

Okay, now a lot of the fall television shows are beginning . . . Weeds ended with, of course, another funny surprise twist . . . Dancing With The Stars . . . which I was waiting for . . . I totally didn't even get to watch but a bit of . . . but as to my preditions: "TED MCGINLEY - funny guy - don't think he'll last long" and he did not & "JEFFREY ROSS - no clue who this dude is", still don't, but he's gone as well. And let me say this, Cloris Leachman is one brave, funny woman! Entourage . . . those boys are still naughty and still cute . . . Kevin Dillion is hilarious! Survivor . . . I didn't get to watch the entire episode, so I can't really say, but I 'm sure it will be full of backstabbing and all the usual stuff . . . Amazing Race . . . totally missed it . . . not on at a good time . . . will watch it OnDemand. CALIFORNICATION returned last night . . . and it DID NOT disappoint! That show is all kinds of nonsense and ridiculousness . . . seriously funny! Although I'm sort of creeped out now that David Duchovny is in rehab . . . I missed Two and a Half Men because it airs the same time as One Tree Hill and I absolutely can not miss that show! The Shield started up again on F/X, this is one show that I have watched from the beginning and I still love it and this is one of my hubbies all time favs. Hubbie also started to watch Sons of Anarchy, not too sure yet if I like, I don't think so. This Friday I will be watching Ghost Whisperer . . . I love Jennifer Hewitt . . . she's so pretty! And next Thursday, can't wait for CSI . . but don't know how the show will transition with so many stars leaving. I also started to watch True Blood, but I'm not too sure if I like it. I watched it again last night and it was better than last weeks episode, but I still am not too sure about this one. I may have to pick up a new series of books to read . . . The Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris.

Well, I'm scratching like I have fleas, so I must go hunt down some Benadryl or Caladryl.

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