Momentous Occasions

I have to say, we will all likely post the same sort of pictures . . . our weddings . . . the births of our children. Aren't these the most memorable moments in a women's life? (which is sad to me is some sort of way)

Aside from all the firsts: the first love, the first kiss, the first concert, there is graduating from high school, then college . . . maybe getting a tattoo here or there, getting a great job, a fabulous promotion. Do we mark all these moments with pictures? I didn't, I should have, but I didn't.

Scouring through the memory banks of my brain to uncover the really important moments in my life was no easy task. I definately didn't have the pictures to back up some moments that I mark in my life as the best.

Graduating from high school was big for me. I hated high school, no I take that back, I LOVED going to school, what I hated was the work itself. I was not a good student at that time. I loved all the other stuff, being a cheerleader, being the president of this group or that, seeing my friends. That is what school was for me. So to actually graduate was huge! My grade & high school did not provide me with even a small educational percentage of what my kids are experiencing right now. I didn't realize that I was smart until I went to college. Have to love those fabulous school teachers that I had growing up in rural Iowa! Oh, and yes, my parents are also to blame!

Graduating from college was another momentous occasion, but I didn't walk. I should have, but I thought I was too old by then. My father would have been very proud that day had he lived! From high school and college graduation, I lived my life, having fun, traveling anywhere I could, working.

What momentous occasions happened next? Nothing really. Traveling. Big promotions. I mark those in my brain as momentous, but alas, no pictures of a happy face! Building my dream house was fabulous as well. The next BIG thing in my life was getting married.
Then the birth of child one and child two.
Moving to and living in China(2005 - Moving to and Living in Beijing, China) had a profound effect on my life.
Then the birth of child three.

Really when you think about it, Momentous Occasions are so rare and so fleeting in our lives.