Mickey Mouse is in the House #DisneySMMoms

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I have arrived in sunny Florida and been transferred into another world . . . the world that is Disney. We checked into our hotel and the conference and had some hugs and snuggles and a story with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!

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What is it about wonderful characters and big hugs that make you smile? My kids were smiling all afternoon and I was elated. The kids took a quick dip in the pool and I headed to the welcome reception to listen to Leanne Jakubowski, Meg Crofton and Chris Powell.

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Leanne Jakubowski, Director of Social Media for Disney Parks and Resorts kicked off our evening and made introductions. Meg Crofton, the president of Disney Parks relayed to us her thoughts on the wonder of social media and how it has transformed Disney's reach. Chris Powell spoke to all of us briefly on weight loss and the act of setting realtistic goals for ourselves. He also stated to not be so hard on ourselves as we go through our days.

We had dinner at Epcot World ShowPlace Events Pavilion and danced and partied with the #DisneyTryIt Family Celebration. We were treated to an evening of fun food, interactive games, activities and some more Disney characters.

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TryIt! is part of Disney's Magic of Healthy Living that inspires all us parents to get our kids to "try" new food and activities. I saw gaggles of kids trying new foods and moving around to all the wonderful activities all evening.

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After dinner we all celebrated the IllumiNations Dessert Party and had front row seats to glorious fireworks. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth was really wonderful. My children were so intrigued by the floating Earth. We headed back to the hotel and sat on our patio and enjoyed the  water parade and ended our first day.

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disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference with my family and received discounted rates and tickets to various events and attractions. All my magical opinions are my own.