Kid's Pet Shop Birthday

Last Saturday was my daughter's 5th birthday . . . these pictures are from her cake and presents. She was so overjoyed about all the "new" Pet Shop animals that she received. (mainly because earlier in the week, all her others were taken away for the remainder of the month due to a grounding from daddy).

Daughter is IN LOVE with anything to do with animals . . . really, if she were to choose an animal or me, I think it would be an animal, hands down. No contest! She has been a lover of animals since she was a tot. Ponies and horses were her first love. Then, anything animal and now she still loves animals, but has moved on to the Pet Shops and her all time love right now is dragons.

She had a great morning with a beautiful birthday breakfast, a birthday lunch at Rain Forest Cafe and the small family party at home. (we will celebrate with extended family this weekend as gp's were out of town).

Every year for birthdays I bake and decorate the cakes. I LOVE to do this for my babies, it is one of my joys. I love to decorate whatever theme the little hearts pick. Pet Shops this year for daughter. The cake was so cute . . . . and so delicious!