Learning To Read By The Book

This little one of mine is beginning to read. I'm happy to say that I taught her. I didn't want to home school this one this year. I wanted her to go to Kindergarten, but her school closed a couple of weeks prior to school starting in August. The Lord was telling me something for sure. I am home schooling her and she is a fabulous student for me. She works so hard. In August she didn't even know the entire alphabet. Now, she is reading. Reading! I taught her to read. I didn't think I would be able to (not enough confidence being a new home school mom and all), but reading she is. She loves to read. She is so proud of herself. Another task that has happened along this reading path is writing. I get the most delicious little notes from my little baby now. They are adorable! I am keeping them in a folder and saving them for a rainy day. I know I will be crying over them in 10 years.