It's The Simple Things This Week

I have been at a whirlwind pace these last few days . . . my brother and his small family have been here from rural Iowa and we wanted to ensure they had the full Chicago (long) weekend. We have been going at a breakneck pace since they have arrived. We are all literally running on fumes at the moment . . . but I had to post a peek of some of the photos from our long weekend of activities.



I've been eating way too much of this these days . . . grr . . . . my poor hips!



a water pool . . . showing motion at a local museum . . . we covered every inch of this museum and still wanted to go around again


In Disquise

can you guess where we were?



lovely sight on our walk around town


Photographer's Choicethis is me . . . what I normally look like . . . glasses perched on my head with another pair on my nose . . . camera in front on my face  . . .