It's Been An Odd Week

So, I have had this macro lens for some time now . . . I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this . . . but . . . I never could figure out how to use it . . . the other day I was sitting at my desk and was determined to figure it out . . . usually I would attempt and just end up getting entirely frustrated with the process and give up . . . this day . . . I was sitting with the camera to my eye and just looking . . . looking for some thing to focus on . . . and there . . . I caught a glimpse of some thing . . . not fuzzy . . . woo hoo . . .  what was it . . . I discovered if I put my lens directly next to the object I was always attempting to shoot . . . I could actually focus and get a fabulous shot . . . what an idiot I am . . . note to self . . . read the directions! Can you guess what this is?



I'm hoping this is what found texture is . . . I shot a very boring photo of a wall . . . didn't like it though . . . then I remembered a shot of these trees stumps I took a couple of weeks ago.


Found Texture

When I was a child my father visited his childhood home, my grandmother's home, every Sunday. This day was literally the hightlight of my week. I adored my grandmother's . . . she smelled delicious and was pretty much one of the only people that was nice to me. This mailbox greeted me as I sat on the edge of the seat in my father's pickup truck (this was way before seatbelt laws people) . . . it was the first thing I would see as we turned onto the long lane up to my grandmother's house. I had the opportunity to see this bit of my past over the summer and my heart was still filled with anticipation and glee upon seeing it. My grandfather's name has been painted over, but is still visible if you look closely enough. It makes me smile to just look at it these days.



My children . . . in a covered wagon . .  it works . . . right?



I wanted to take a photo of this line of trees that happens to be on the way to the violin studio . . . it is this line of weeping willow trees that is simply stunning . . . I would say about 15 weeping willows are all lined up . . . I drove by there a couple of weeks ago on a windy day and t h e y w e r e g o r g e o u s! Sadly, I did not have my camera with me. I thought to get back there this week, but it's been an odd week for me. This weeping willow will have to do.

kiddos (2 of 1).JPG

Tree (Kent Weakley)