I'm REALLY happy today!!!

I just received a phone call from my baby brother today. The first time I have spoken with him since Feb 2005, when I moved to China. (that was also the last time I have seen him)

We have a strange relationship. We stuck together as children because of our crazy mother and dysfunctional childhood and as adults became fast friends. We are of kindred spirit, my brother and I. But, he has anger issues and when I say anything to him that he doesn't like, he cuts me out of his life. JUST LIKE THAT! He refuses to speak to me or even acknowledge my existence.

In the past year, he has been in a treatment program addressing all his issues, alcohol and mostly anger, his marriage, etc. We have been writing to mend fences and heal wounds, but this morning we spoke on the phone. I was jumping up and down when I saw the caller id and teared up (DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN).

So, he is well, and getting better, matured even I would say. Trying desperately to understand his life and his choices and his path and where he wants to go. I'm proud of him and I miss him.

So, I'm really happy today!

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