Raise Your Hands!

A couple of weekends ago we took the children to a local apple orchard for our yearly pick of the crop {and our yearly tummy ache from eating way too many apples while filling up our baskets}. The apple orchard we visit is quite fabulous and the children look forward to going every single year. They ask me every few months to go apple picking and I have to remind them, apples are not in season.

This year we had a gorgeous day to pick apples and wander about corn mazes, jump on the moon pillow, pet some animals, ride a cow train, race some ducks and climb on some huge rolls of hay stacks.

My daughter jumped right up on the huge hay stack {without any help} and starting shouting "I'm the king of the hill" throwing her hands up in the air . . . I wanted to shout out "you're the queen, my dear", but I didn't want to miss any of the great shots I knew were occurring. She picked up a handful of hay and tossed it over her head and I was able to really gets some great 'unprompted' 'Raise Your Hands' shots! SO many that I couldn't decide what were the best shots. I have been sitting her for a little over an hour just staring back and forth . . . 'is this the best, yes this is the one, well, no, maybe this one, oh, I like this one so much though' . . . I really couldn't decide . . . but the one I chose is the photo that most showcases the moment and my daughter's zest for life!

hands (6 of 1).JPG