Home Tour: Dining Room & Living Room

This week I would like to give a tour through my living room and dining room.

Please follow me.

This is my dining room . . . (unfortunately) where I do all my sewing and craft projects. I think we may have eaten in here about 10 times in 8 years . . . very sad. This table and cabinet worked perfectly in our old house (kitchen) but not so great in this house.

the view from the living room (apologies for the lighting)

I reupholstered all the chairs and made the drapes (with silk fabric from China)

the view into the dining room from the kitchen

I hand painted this wall and it took me the better part of three months. I did this when my son was a baby and it took for.EVER! But I love this wall. My brother liked it so much that he stole the concept and painted his dining room the same way . . . but with really ugly colors(orange and green??)

see the detail up close . . . yes I painted each fleur de lis and glued them on the wall

close look at my drapes and tassels (from China for $5.00) . . . see the sheers match the fabric on the chairs?

this is a bouquet of glass flowers that sit on my dining room table. I used to collect these for years before I got married. My children has broken about six or so of these and I had to put them up for a number of years. I just recently put them back out.

here is the ceiling in my dining room . . . another feature I adore . . . but see the NON-finished wallpapering of the ceiling?? My husband was supposed to help me, but after one sheet he bailed. It's been like that for about 5 years now. Another project on the TO-DO list.

Closer look at the wall paper, which will look fabulous if it ever gets finished! I want crown molding done in this room, but can not have that put in  until the paper is hung.

Keep coming . . .

This is my Living Room . . . it is very red . . . and I LOVE IT! I painted these walls myself and it took 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint. This room used to have a lovely sofa that I had reupholstered with a gorgeous matching fabric . . . but after we returned from China with this fantastic antique furniture . . . the sofa was tossed. This buffet table and all the trimmings were all purchased in China. This table is old, I can't remember how old and the papers are all in Chinese . . . so I can't read them.

This is the view of my bay window . . . the antique Chinese chair has a matching one to go with it and a table. The small armoire is covered with painted leather and only cost me $50! The wall paintings match. I made the valence and sewed the window treatments. I don't care much for them now as they don't match the Chinese theme, but I have not done anything about it yet (it has now been 3 years). Soon, maybe.

closer look at the chair (which I don't allow anyone to sit on)

the wall hangings

this is the ceiling . . . rounded off . . . I adore this feature in here . . . but because of this feature we are unable to add crown molding (at least that is what someone told us)

a wooden elephant from Thailand ( we have two of them) the children like to ride them all the time, even though they are not supposed to be in this room at all

a wooden xylophone from Thailand . . . and yes, it really works . . . ask my kids

jade dragons . . . I LOVE THESE!

Next week I will continue on with the kitchen and family room and possibly the sun room

Hope you enjoyed this bit of the tour.

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