Home Tour: Child Bedroom


I will continue the tour today on the upper level, to my son's room. He initially had baby girl's room, but when in 2006 when we returned from China, pregnant, we moved him into the guest bedroom. We let him pick the colors, theme and design. He was in love with SpiderMan at the time, so the theme is just that!


I think now, as he will be turning 8 at the end of the year, he is tiring of SpiderMan. I have moved a lot of the SpiderMan "elements" out of his room already (to sell at a garage sale), but nothing has really taken the place.His entrance, my son is all about skulls right nowthe first peek

his beloved puppiesmore puppies
view of the dresser and the closet
this is more where the theme of the room is moving
dormer view, painted white or the room would be like a tombentertainment center/fish tank (that I am the only one who takes care of)book case/entertainment centerbaby girl likes to lay in brother's room and watch television {the little lambie is from Germany, I purchased it right before we got married (knowing that I would be getting pregnant asap), but my son never took to it, it lays on the floor now as a rug, baby girl loves to cuddle on it}


Daughter's Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Kitchen & Family Room
Living Room & Dining Room
outside, entrance, foyer


Next week I will showcase my daughter's room and the following week I will finish the tour of my home in the basement. And then basically, summer is over (boo hoo).