Holiday Break

. . . I feel like I have been on a long vacation . . . and I did not go anywhere really . . . just lost my computer to my children over their two week holiday break! SPORE creature creator has taken over my computer!

My husband has finally returned to work . . . he had loads of vacation that he needed to take or lose. I don't know why he couldn't take any time over the summer . . . I kept asking him and he always responded that he would see. So, we had him home for three weeks straight! The children really enjoyed spending time with him. Me, not so much. Hee hee, just kidding! I love my husband, but he is messy! Very messy indeed! I run around all day in this house flitting from one task to the next and upstairs and downstairs and down to the basement and back upstairs. flit, flit flit. Dear Hubbie, sit sit sit. That is what he does very well. I ask him why he can not help with anything and he replies that I do not ask. (humpf!) Do you not see me flitting around here like a little colorful bird picking up this, putting this away, washing this, drying this or folding that? DH replies, "umm, well, no". We had a bit of a discussion I would say about his non-helping hands over this break from work period. I say he needs to do tasks on his own volition without me actually giving detailed instructions on the how to's and the what's. We have lived in this house for eight years now . . . it is not like any chores have changed over the years. No, I take that back,the chores have changed . . . they have increased with each child that is born! When he received a marriage license, he lost all ability to do domestic chores. This is not a joke either. This is perhaps my number one complaint about DH. I just wish he was more intuitive about helping with the day to day tasks of this house . . . the running of this house. I swear if something ever happens to me . . . oh, my poor children is all I can say!

Enough of that . . . New Year's Eve was so much fun for the children. We stayed at a water park resort and they hosted a fabulous bash. Face painting, balloon twisters, hair braiding (not that my girls have too much hair to be braided), make your own bubble bath, sand art . . . just loads of fun. An arcade with soooo many games for the children . . . two (TWO!) balloons drops. Baby girl didn't make it to 8 pm and feel asleep in her stroller for about an hour, which was fine because we were standing in line that long for the face painting. She woke up just in time for a little flutter of wings on her cheek! The first balloon drop was a 10 pm and so much fun. We went directly to our room after that and fell promptly asleep! Well, the rest of the family did, I don't sleep well at home so imagine me in a hotel. (argh) The swimming was a blast . . . except the water at this resort was pretty cold and the children kept wanting to take a dip in the hot tub.

I didn't swim again this little mini trip. Every single solitary time we go on vacation or to a hotel . . . every time . . . I get my period. IT IS RIDICULOUS! This month I was really wanting to not get my period. (we are trying to get pregnant). Anyway, this month, our timing was perfect so I just knew I had to be pregnant. On the 21st day, I took a pregnancy test (because you know you can take them up to 4 days early, that is what the box says). Negative, Me . . . Deflated and sad. Day 25 rolls around and still no period . . .so I think, maybe it was too early and I take another test. Negative, Me . . . more deflated and sadder. Day 29 and we are checking into the resort and still no period. At his point I am really ticked off at my cycle. What the heck? Why does my period have to be late by 5 days to ruin my hopes of a baby and ruin my swimming time with the children? Every time . . . So for our vacation during Spring Break, I'm sure to have a pleasant period that week as well.

Our anniversary was on the 2nd (of January) and we were still away so we didn't really celebrate. DH drank a half of bottle of champagne to celebrate. On our return we called grandma to see if she wanted to watch the children for a couple of hours so DH and I could go to a movie. He picked the movie with Clint Eastwood (if DH does not get to pick the movie - we don't go to see a movie), it was actually pretty funny and the ending was very sad. We scurried home to feed the children dinner and get them off to bed so we could toast our 8th anniversary. Lordy, Lordy, I can not party! Seriously, I drank 2 sips of wine and I was lightheaded. After half a glass of wine I had a miserable headache! I am not a drinker and that was the first glass of wine I have had since 2005! (Prior to baby girls pregnancy). What is wrong with me! I have seriously tried over the years to become a drunk - I swear! But I do not like the taste of anything! Just give me my water or Diet Coke and I am set!

I am not sticking to my resolutions as far as eating healthy and exercising go . . . I am reading my new bible each morning and we will be trying for a baby in the next week or so! I'm hoping this month will be a successful pregnancy month. It is so weird to me because every time we tried to get pregnant, I was pregnant in one month.

This Friday, join me for What Are You Wearing! You can post or just comment, I would love to hear all about your fabulous outfits!

So tell, or don't tell, show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) exactly what it is you've put on today, well, Friday!

So let's tell the rest of us what is being worn on Friday and other people will get excited about people's outfits and there will be conversation and joviality and it will feel like a fashion and beauty blog . So, I am going to continue this tradition, on Fridays, from now on, forever.

What are you wearing today?