Here's to summer break! Oh the possibilities.....


Last week marked the last days of school.
Today summer break officially kicks off. And it is raining. Again.


I will celebrate by giving you my top ten reasons why I love this time:

1. Our nights and mornings are not ruled by the clock.
2. After dinner family walks, which leads meeting our ever elusive neighbors.
3. Grilling (frankly I do this year round anyway).
4. The sun and lovely tans.
5. Riding bikes.
6. Sitting on our front steps enjoying frozen treats.
7. Just putting on flip-flops and going . . . no more boots, hats, gloves etc.
8. Daily walks to the park to play.
9. Swimming and swimming and more swimming.
10. Lazy Days!


I am assuming our summer days will be easy going and free since I will not be driving three children to three different schools. But I think I am wrong. I have scheduled an activity once a day, as usual, so I will still be watching the clock.

With all three children home I find our mornings go by very quickly. They play and bicker. Eat and then eat some more. Sometimes they play so well together and I really enjoy watching them share happily. In the midst of all of this I am trying to be diligent with my workout routine (I must lose 10 pounds before the Blogher Conference), but most days I would really like to skip it. and usually do. My morning routine is interrupted with lots of, "Momma he's/she's touching me / pushing me / hitting me / sitting in my chair / not sharing the computer /it's my turn...." Need I go on?


By the time I shower, which is a must since we are going out every day and I prefer not to look my age, it's lunchtime and then we are out the door. We come home and baby girl goes down for a nap, and I do the zip and dash around the house trying to get things in order and clean and then it is dinnertime.


I don't think I am heading to a blogging funk, but perhaps. I just need to focus on my children this summer. Plain and simple. And because our family is going to enjoy every minute of our summer's free time. If I don't get around to your blog it's because I just have things preoccupying my mind. Nothing major or urgent, but just, well, things. Life.