Heads Down & Rears Up


First off I would like to say that I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox yesterday to see what my blog actually LOOKS like - holy smokes people - Many apologies!! It looks perfect to me when viewed on I-Explore, which is what I use. Hopefully Tiaras & Tantrums has left the wonky days behind! I am going to work on it over the weekend. Work in progress I guess, still self teaching html, so bear with me.


What is the saying . . . heads down and rear ends up??? My children love to play on the computer . . . Noggin, PBS, Playhouse Disney, Poisson Rouge . . . one will shout . . . "Can I play on the computer?" and I reply, yes (as long as I am not on it blogging my brain away) . . . three sets of feet go running to the office to jam their little bodies into the one office chair there is . . . I will hear ouchs and cries for a bit until everyone is settled in . . . usually the baby gets shoved out or over or off . . . this day I brought her a little stool to boost her up . . . Heads Down & Rears Up!




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