HaPPy BiRtHDaY tO Me

(these are pictures of me on my birthdays over the past 10 years )

It's my birthday today . . . no big deal . . . to me anyway.

My birthday has never bothered me, in fact, I have always been extremely happy on my birthday. When I turned 30, I was estatic! I had a BIG party and was smiling the entire night. Each and every birthday in my 30's was fun and fantastic and I was happy!

Birthdays 31-34 were locations birthdays. I was always on a trip somewhere thanks to lovely hubbie! Birthdays 35-40 were always celebrated with family and as wonderful.

When I turned 40, I was STILL estatic!

Today I am 41 . . . big deal. Braw ha ha ha!!

BUT, I'm still happy today!