Disney Social Media Moms Conference Day 2 #DSMMC

Happy people are happy because they make themselves happy. They maintain a positive outlook on life and remain at peace with themselves.

The question is: how do they do that?

They Go To Disney!

Rising bright and early conference morning I was filled excitement to meet new and old blog friends and listen to the wonderful line up of speakers. I was happy that Rene Syler was the host of the Disney Social Media Moms conference this year as I had heard her speak back in 2011 and was very impressed with her. She was full of sass and got the conference off to a good start.


photo credit @hykuThe 2013

Disney Social Media Moms conference morning began with the Walt Disney World President, George Kalogridis, talking about the fun innovations, changes and transformations planned for the Disney Parks.

He informed us of the Monstrous Summer event with three parks being open for 24 hours on May 24, 2013. {can you imagine?} He also let us know there would be a new parade titled Festival of Fantasy Parade {can't wait to see this one}, more limited time magic events to come {what will they be?}, a My Disney Experience free mobile app and a Fast Past Plus that will double the amount of experiences one can enjoy{ie: reserve rides, shows, character greeting all before leaving home}.

Additionally, there will be an addition to Fantasyland with the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, which is under construction now {my kids kept taking a peek every time we walked by it}. There will be another debut at Magic Kingdom in the form of an interactive adventure game; Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasure of the Seven Seas.

The most innovative addition{in my opinion} is the new Magic Band. I can't wait to use this because you have no idea how many times I misplace my room key and park tickets! The Magic Band will connect your room key, park tickets, fast pass, and photo pass. MagicBand will offer touch points for resort doors, at park entrances and for payments throughout parks for souvenirs and refreshments. The Magic Band will be available in a variety of colors and will be out by years end.

George Kalogridis stated, “It will change the way guests experience Disney. There’s something new to see just about every time our guests visit us!” This could not be more true!

LeanneJakubowski, Director of Social Media at Walt Disney World Resort took the stage to welcome us all that lovely morning and to inform us there was more fun on the way for the day.


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The first speaker was Olympic medalist Shannon Miller and she impressed upon all of us the importance of following one’s dreams. She gave us a bit of a background on why and how she began her own business after she completed her round as a gymnastics and won gold medals at the Olympics. She communicated to all us moms how she as a first time mom struggled as well and why she felt that it was important to put one’s self out “there” to connect with other like minded moms.


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The next speaker was JackieHuba. Her message was simple: "Focus on your 1%ers as 1%ers are cray." She compared a lot of her life to that of Lady Gaga and wanted to express to the attendees the importance of being true to one’s self. She made a point to let the attendees know about the importance of teaching our children not to bully.


photo credit @hykuphoto credit @hyku

Gary came back on again and spoke with Ashley Eckstein, @HerUniverse of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and what a little adorable gal she is. She impressed upon all of us as well if you have an idea, follow through on it. She stated, "Get in a room with people who can help you realize those visions."

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During lunch we learned about Disney Infinity from John Day, with a release date in August. This sounds A-MAZING and I know my kids can't wait!


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We also learned about the new Story app from Disney, which I still have not been able to utilize as I am an Android/PC type of gal. Basically it is an app that allows you add photos, videos, and text and you tell a story like a book with your personal media.


photo credit @hykuDisney

Social Media Fire & Ice was presented with Gary Buchanan and Thomas Smith. Gary Buchanan is the Social Media and Managing Director and Thomas Smith is Disney Parks Social Media Director. Can I be honest here and say I really would love their job{s}. I’m not nearly qualified to even say those words, but what a fun job to have. There were excited  to share with us all the news regarding social media and how fast everything changes in social media and to stay on top of things.

Disney is innovative in every way and they especially are in social media. It was inspiring to listen to these men banter back and forth about how exciting their jobs are and all the wonderful new perks that are coming to Disney parks. The excitement is truly infectious and carried through right to my heart, which was singing by the end of their presentation. Thomas expressed the importance of having an editorial document and/or calendar for your schedules and to write a series and add it to your calendar. Thomas stated, "Social is a shining object."


The next speaker, Marc Mero, a former WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion,  I had never heard of prior to the conference and was excited to hear the message he would have to tell a room full of social media bloggers. He came out full of energy and the room was ready to hear what he had to say. He began with a bit of a history of his life and where he started out as a child and he continued on to his struggles as a teenager and later as a young adult. His message was about choices and how he made numerous bad choices in his life. He also conveyed to us that he felt during his younger years he was a bully and how these actions can affect so many people in different ways. His presentation took a turn and really was quite sad as he continued to tell us about the further turmoil his life took.  I felt his entire presentation was wonderful, and I hope he continues to speak at high schools around the nation.


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The closing key note speaker was hilarious! Dayna Steele, a rock radio Hall of Famer, roamed about the conference room making herself available. She broadcasted stories to us regarding how much fun she had as a radio personality and informed us about some of our favorite 80’s rock band personalities. She even was able to garner a couple of bucks from the DSMM attendees, simply by asking. Her point – ask if you need something.

Ask for information.

Be willing to share.

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This is something that I personally greatly struggle with because I simple do not want to be turned down or sound like a complete and utter fool for not being aware of something already, if I request something. I really feel like I should be able to figure something out on my own and sometimes I struggle along unnecessarily. I have put myself out there a couple of times early on in my blogging career and had my hand slapped. So now, I stay firmly in my spot. I think I need to rethink this spot where I keep myself. Why not put myself out there, what is there to lose . . nothing. But I can gain more from opening my mouth more often.

If Walt Disney had not opened his mouth and let everyone see and hear his dreams, I would not have been sitting where I was that afternoon.

The biggest take away from the speakers was to remain true to yourself. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be nice. Ask questions. Ask for advice. Be gracious. Be generous. Be genuine. Be willing to give. Be willing to listen. Realize your dreams. Live your dreams. Be your dreams. Smile. Laugh.


Dinner was A-MAZING that evening. We were treated to a red carpet dinner at Lights, Motors, Action, Extreme Stunt Show in Hollywood Studios.photo credit @hyku


photo credit @hyku

Don’t hold grudges.

Treat everyone with kindness.

See problems as challenges.

Express gratitude for what they already have.

Dream big.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Speak well of others.

Never make excuses.

Get absorbed into the present.

Avoid social comparison.

Choose friends wisely.

Never seek approval from others.

Take the time to listen.

Nurture social relationships.

Establish personal control.

Accept what cannot be changed.

2013DisneySMMoms (25 of 1).JPG

Be authentic.

2013DisneySMMoms (55 of 1).JPG

"Everyone neat and pretty? Then on with the show!" - Mickey Mouse Do you see the rose Minneie Mouse is holding? My daughters gave Mickey Mouse the roses and he gave them to Minnie! LOVE!!

disclosure: I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference with my family and received discounted rates and tickets to various events and attractions. All my magical opinions are my own.