Father's Day GIfts for Grandparent

SO I wanted something wonderful to give to grandpa for Father's Day . . . a regular card just would not do. I whipped this up late (very late) one evening while everyone was sleeping.

I was looking through all my boxes and bins of "stuff" and found some old brown envelopes. So I took three and glued the flaps together to make an accordion style card. I found some manly paper and just cut and glued to my heart's content. I found some wonderful father quotes off the internet and printed those out on some lovely paper. I printed some black and white photos of the children and glued these to some gorgeous paper as well. I embellished with ribbons and buttons and stickers and cardboard.

I love the result and will do this card again!

the front cover

the middle opened up

the front flap and half of the middle

Here is the back cover