Garden Fairy Party: Fabulous Fairy Wings

Fairy Garden Birthday Party Fairy Wings
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When I decided on a Garden Fairy theme for my daughter's party, I envisioned all of the little girls in gorgeous wings and tons of tulle everywhere. I found adorable wings at Halo Heavenand gorgeous flowers and perfect clip-on flowers. I couldn't have been happier when my package arrived! The wings were perfect! I ordered everything about a month ahead of time, but the package took a couple of weeks to arrive. By the time my wings arrived, I realized that I did not order enough. I scooted over to Dollar General and amazingly enough, there were tons of wings available (and cheaper {boo hoo}), but you just never know. So I was safe and happy with my order from Halo Heaven and their prices are incredible!

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I simply took the wings, hot glued the leaves (I purchased one large bunch of foliage from Hobby Lobby and cut all the leaves off). I then glued two to three flowers on each wing in between the leaves.

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The girls looks so adorable!!

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