I don't have children who really participate in 'games'. Like a full on team sport games. My daughters take horse riding lessons and have yet to begin competitions. All my children participate in gymnastics and while my son was invited to join the 'team', he declined because he simply wants to have fun flipping, not compete while flipping. My husband forced my son to participate in Little League baseball the past two years but I was told under no circumstances (by my son) was he playing again. We tried cheerleading for my daughter last season and that well, that was just a horrible experience.

So, I figured what type of games do we play in our house . . . well, we play silly games everyday . . . but I rarely capture the moments (I need to get better at this). My son and my husband played a very long game of war last night and I should have captured that moment, but I forgot, as usual.

Instead I have the following Games Photos . . .

A tea party in little girls roomrunning her heart out on field day sack races on field dayplaying with the parachute on field dayplaying games with chalk in our drivewayspinning at the parkWhat games do you play with your children?