In life sisters (and brothers) play a pivotal role molding each other's character.  Siblings have their side roles to play. They grow silently but strongly. Sometimes the relationship is lost in the maze of life's journey. Yet nothing can break the bond of relationship among siblings.

When sisters grow up there can be annoying interferences, looking critically at each other, tossing words about. Still you know that should a catastrophe strike, your sister's tender hands will protect you.

I never had a sister growing up . . . I was surrounded by boys (three brothers). I so longed for a sister . . . to giggle with, to share secrets with, to box my brothers with. I grew up alone, lonely in a house of boys.

When my first daughter was born, I knew immedidatley that I wanted another daughter  . . . I wanted a sister for my daughter . . .  I didn't want her to be alone like I was . . . like I still am today. We tried for many years and finally I was able to carry another baby and thankfully she was a baby girl.

A sister for each of my daughters . . .

A sister's bond should never be broken, the bond is a lasting friendship. I hope for my daughters a bond that precedes and outlasts other friendships, courtships, even marriages. I hope turbulent waves might never separate these sisters and if that does occur their minds can hear their soft voices, their footsteps, their silent laughs, and visualize the tears of parting.

Sisters annoy . . .  interfere . . .  criticize . . . Indulge in monumental sulks . . . in huffs . . .  in snide remarks . . . I can't wait for the borrowing, breaking and monopolizing of  the bathroom.  I can't wait for their friendship to grow and bloom.

Sisters are there. Defending you against all covers.

Sisters are mirrors to each other . . .