Follow The Yellow Brick Road

I Love and Adore The Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland even more for that matter). I also Love and Adore Madame Alexander dolls. Although they are incredibly expensive for me to be a true collector of said dolls.

Back in 2001, McDonald's and Madame Alexander teamed up for the first time and created minature dolls as the toy included with Happy Meals. I flipped out - REALLY - I did! I purchased every doll there was that round that year and the next and the next and the next. Then I moved to China and wasn't able to obtain the 2005 set. Happy Meal toys in China are much different than in the USA (basically they are crap).
In 2006 when the new dolls returned I happily continued collecting the new set and scoured Ebay for the 2005 set. But a funny thing happened in 2006 as well. I popped out another baby girl, so yes, you guess it, I needed complete doubles of these dolls. So I scoured and searched and was able to find complete sets of all the Madame Alexander McDonald's dolls for daughter two.
Last year, the theme was Wizard of Oz and naturally, I ran around like a crazed woman to every McDonald's near me looking for each of these little precious dolls for my girls. Driving my self, my husband and everyone I asked to help me find these beautiful dolls absolutely bonkers.
Well, this year, I learned my lesson . . . I did not drive to one McDonald's or even two or three for that matter. I did not give myself 12 anxiety attacks looking for these dolls. Nope. I just logged onto Ebay and searched for a complete set and bought two of them. And guess what? I am quite sure I saved even more money with the price of gasoline these days! I definatley saved my sanity. My girls are overjoyed! I am estatic!

Although I haven't quite figured out why McDonald's and Madame Alexander ran Wizard of Oz two years in a row (2007 & 2008)?? So, here's to following my Yellow Brick Road!