Fifth Photo Folder, Fifth Photo

 The assignment: Open your fifth photo folder and post your fifth photo. My question here was, which photo folder . . . do I say by year?? . . . as I keep all my photos on line and they are in folders by year by month. I actually don't keep them ON my computer, but on an external hard drive . . . you know, just in case. No wait, I do keep some photos on the computer. So I thought I would pick one from each hard drive.

This photo was taken Easter 2002. My nephews flank my son. No, they are not twins, my little brothers are twins and had babies 5 days apart . . go figure? This is from the external hard drive.

This photo was taken during Christmas card 2004 picture time . . . this was not the photo used, but still a cute one. I remember this day very clearing actually . . . it was a sad day for me . . . . We were waiting for our resident visa to move to China and sort of in limbo. My son had just started speaking and coming out of his shell a bit. Look at my daughter. . . she was so chubby back then!