Fairy Garden Birthday Party ~ Part I

Fairy Garden Birthday Party


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I seriously don't even know where to begin! I adored this party so much! I wish I had better photos . . . I was taking photos on the fly and I asked my husband to take as many as he could . . . but when you are hosts of a children's birthday party . . . taking (or remembering) photos sort of is the last thing. Next party, I will definitely assign a specific person to take more photos!

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 The theme of this party was Fairy Garden Party . . . unfortunately . . . it was pouring rain in the morning . . . alas, the party was moved indoors. We were able to play a game outside on the deck and we had a craft station out in our gazebo, so the 'garden party' theme was not a total loss. Amazingly, the girls didn't even mind the wet grass and were out doors playing anyway.

I will post several posts about this party over the next week or so. There are so many details . . . the fairy transformation, the food, the desserts, the games, the decor. I will post a couple of DIY projects that I completed for this spectacular party as well! I also have a fabulous giveaway from a wonderful shop! So watch out for that one!

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I have so many details to share I have to post is several posts! Coming SOON!!