Faces and Flowers


I've really been attempting to manage my time a bit better these days. To be honest, it's not really working out too well for me. I want to participate in the I Faces challenges each week and I have all the best intentions to  foucs on taking fantastic photos . . . and I fail miserably each week. I used to carry my camera along with me everywhere I went. However, a couple of months ago, I lost the lens cap to my camera and now I am afraid to carry my camera thinking I will crack my $500.00 lens that I do not want to have to replace. Each time I drive by the camera shop, I remember to pull over after I have already driven past. This is actaully a very lousy excuse for not taking more photos these past couple of months. It truly is. I Faces has challenged me to take more photos and better photos of my family over the past year or so. I miss taking photos of my children. I don't have nearly enough and sadly, there was not one photo taken in this house on Mother's Day! That is terrible! I have never done that before! I am getting into a very bad habit. I didn't even look at what this week's challenge was until about an hour ago. As soon as I saw flowers, I knew exactly where I was going though. Last August I took the children to the park and there are always these tiny purple flowers growing in the grass. I have not idea what they are or if they are even flowers, perhaps they are just weeds. But, my girls love to pick them. I captured many fantastic photos that day and I still remember it . . . especially so because I have the photos for memories . . . I took my camera with me! 

I don't know what it is about this girl, I love to take photos of her hair(although she's pretty cute too). I just needed to look at this photo to remind myself of that very fact!