Face Painting at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

My little one adores having her face painted. While we were in Disney a couple of months ago, we would walk by a face painting station and she would beg to have her face painted . . . every single day. It always seemed to be in the afternoon when we would walk by the face painting station and I would invariably always say no. I would say no because I wanted her to have her face painted in the morning so she would be able to wear her beautiful creation all day long.

We ventured to Disney's Animal Kingdom on our fifth day at Walt Disney World and my kids were gagging to get there. There were so upset we had waited five whole days to see the animal. My children are a little in love with every animal on the planet. The bring home every stray frog, grasshopper, firefly, lizard, turtle or snake they discover. Last summer, my daughter intently hunted for baby rabbits that had been born in our area (they were quite adorable) and was quite distressed when she could not capture any of those fast little bunnies.

We grabbed a map and looked for the face painting station right off. We walked in the general direction and after a few mis-turns, we found the station for painting faces. My little one was beside her self and carefully selected her animal. My daughter, naturally, selected the same animal.

facepainting (12 of 1).JPG
facepainting (13 of 1).JPG
facepainting (1 of 14).JPG
facepainting (3 of 14).JPG

My son decided he wanted his face painted, even though he had declared earlier that he was simply too old for face painting.

facepainting (14 of 1).JPG
facepainting (5 of 14).JPG

The children enjoyed the animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom all day long. This was quite fitting! A snake petting a snake.

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The face painting lasted all day long and the kids didn't even want to wash it off to go swimming that evening in the pool back at the hotel. There is one thing though . . . face painting is not resistant to tears when leaving the park . . . I stopped the tears quickly though by telling her the tiger was washing off her . . .

facepainting (14 of 14).JPG

Magic finds you in every Disney park!