Enjoying Summer Days

waterattthezoo2013 (2 of 1).JPG

Summer The true sign of summer for me is going to the zoo and obtaining my yearly photo on the lion. My kids know it is coming. My girls are still happy to pose for me and this year the entire drive there, my son told me he was not going to sit on the lion. When we got to the lion, he walked up and asked if he coudl just stand there. I was happy I didn't have to coax him into the photo and if he wanted to stand instaed of sit, I was all for it! 2013 zoo photo - check!

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Dance Here is another shot from my lemonade stand mini sessions. I loved this session so much I may have to do another one soon!

laughterinthetree (3 of 1).JPG

Laughter This one is trying to give me a stroke. I'm just telling you now if I see her climbing this tree I may just pass out in my driveway. Up to this point, she has been too short to get her little legs up there and hoist herself up like her older siblings. However, this summer, she has grown just enough to stretch herself and pull herself up into this tree. Now all three of my poppets are up there driving more grey hairs to pop out on top of my head! She just thinks it is the funniest thing ever!

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Helper This little one was getting some help from a jr aide at horseriding this week. She had been riding for almost two hours and little ole'pony was getting tired.

waterattthezoo2013 (1 of 1).JPG

Water Another photo from the zoo. My kids love to pop into the Sting Ray area and feed these silky animals. Usually, I can take them in there and have no issues. This year, oh Lordy, I walked in there and just started gagging and coughing and choking and sputtering. I was a hot mess and had to high tail it out of there before I puked my lunch in the pool and got us all kicked out of the zoo. IT was not a pretty site! My smelling senses are on overdrive these days.