Eggstra! Eggstra!

This past week my household has been suffering throught the sniffles, the chills, the coughs, ear aches, Drs visits and loads of medicine. We are finally beginning to surface for some fresh air. Even our bunny has been sick. It is terrible. What to do when momma is sick and you want to take a sick day form teaching. Impossible, I tell you! Bunny is feeling much better and finally hopping around again and back to nipping me whenever I come near him. My babies are feeling much better now that they are getting clearer heads. It's no fun being sick with spring colds.

We ventured out and discovered a new nest in one of our parkway trees. I let the little ones climb up to take a peek. They were ever so excited and hardly containable. But I explained to them we needed to leave the nest in peace so the momma bird would take good care of the little blue eggs. My little ones run out every chance they get to make sure the momma is sitting perfectly on the little eggs, keeping them warm and snug. I imagine in about two weeks we will hear some chirping out front.

You have no idea how hard it was to obtain this photo . . . stacked recycle bins and stretched arms and loads of luck! And did you know it is unusual for a robin to only lay three eggs! I'm wondering if we peek in there a couple of days from now if there will be another egg?