Easter Movies On Netflix: Top Flicks To Stream On Sunday #StreamTeam

Easter Sunday is fast approaching and to celebrate Netflix has a plethora of options in movie selections for Easter for people to celebrate and streaming. There are so many movies to stream or even to rent that will keep your family in the Easter spirit all weekend long.

Easter Movies On Netflix: Top Flicks To Stream On Sunday #StreamTeam

Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo (2004, G) Things take a surprising turn for Pooh and the gang when Rabbit tries to cancel Easter. Though not the most classic of children's holiday specials, this is a great streaming option for viewers with younger kids who are looking for some good family fun.

The Book of Esther (2013 Not Rated) The Book of Esther is designed for older kids and up, but it is also appropriate for young children. It is directed by David A.R. White, who has also acted in numerous Christian films. This movie portrays how brave Esther was in standing up for what was right and realizing God's calling for her.

Joseph King of Dreams (2000 Not Rated) Many kids are taught the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors at an early age. Joseph King of Dreams brings the story to life from the tension between young Joseph and his jealous brothers through trusting God to reveal Pharaoh's dreams.

The Book of Daniel (2013 Not Rated) Daniel exemplifies how to walk by faith. The Book of Daniel is a great movie to watch as a family and teach kids how to live boldly for Christ. Man's destiny was to put him to death, but God redeemed the situation for His glory

The Prince of Egypt (1998 PG) Have you told your kids the story of Moses? Take advantage of a few extra days with the kids home around Easter to watch The Prince of Egypt as a family. Moses escaped death as a baby and learned about God's calling for him to save all the Jews.

VeggieTales: Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen (2000, Not Rated) VeggieTale movies are great for kids of all ages. Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen walks through how Esther walked in faith as a Jew in Persia to save all the Jews.

Heaven's Door (2013, PG) This family-friendly drama follows a teenage girl who, after the death of her grandfather and separation of her parents, finds a portal to Heaven. Though this movie isn't specifically themed for Easter, it is a movie about faith and family during a difficult time and carries many relatable themes for young and older viewers alike.