Dipper Or Dabber?

My hubbie STILL freaks out when I go and get may nails done.(He has NEVER seen me without acrylic nails -that is how long I have been having nails my done) I went on Thursday night, gone 1.5 hours (from the time I left the house to the time I drove in the garage) - HE CALLED ME 3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then was still complaining about it yesterday! When I left, the girls were tucked all sound asleep in their beds too!


Fourth of July was on Friday. No big deal, we went to a festival during the day. It was fun for the kids, well not for baby, she had to sit in the stroller while we were there. Hubbie was just complaining about how expensive everything is. Well, yeah dude! It's not like you haven't ever been to a carnival before! It's a racket!! The chidlren had a great time playing games and riding rides. Forgot the camera, so zero pictures of baby's first carnival ride!

We go to get food, this was a rib festival (BBQ ribs - really good - there is one every year). So we are standing in the rib line, very long, I say okay, you get the ribs, I will go over here to get the kids food. I get the kids food, set up the blanket, he comes over - yes, just with food for himself! Man, just typical! I wanted to slap his forehead! I couldn't eat his b/c he slathered it with spicy BBQ sauce. He just doesn't think. I swear, he thinks he is still a single male! argh!!!! Anyway, we stayed until it started to get busy, and then out we go. People were standing in line 2++ hours to get into this fesitival! REO Speedwagon was playing night. and then fireworks. People camp out and sit for 4-5+ hours! Is that the craziest thing?! NEVER!!! I will never do that!! Just stupid and for what? 15 minutes of fireworks?? I mean, really, am I that brain dead or what? I just don't get it! I think I am way too jaded!! or too old, or too something!! I heard on the news Saturday morning that the festival was so packed with people that they stopped letting patrons in.

Friday night baby was not tired since she had a late nap (from going to the RibFestival). She wanted to play PetShops with her dollhouse. She is giving the animals a bath and putting them to sleep. It was so adorable! She is so cute when she plays! Oh, PetShops are NOW at McDonald's!

Hubbie just doesn't get it. Saturday he was like, 'can you make this' and 'you do this' and 'you do this for lunch'. Well yes, but I need to go to the store. 'Can't you just throw it together with stuff here'. No, dude, I can't. So I was on my feet for like 5-6 hours running around trying to get the stuff, cooking, cleaning. And this is AFTER I had just spent 3 hours cleaning the house)
After I was all done with cleaning everything up and putting everything away and getting the kids in pjs (ALL BY MYSELF WHILE HE SAT AND RELAXED WITH A FULL BELLY) I just wanted to sit at the computer for like 30 minute and relax. I think I deserve to sit down!! He is up my arse the minute I get on the computer. I hate weekends! I don't get ONE spare moment - and hubbie creates extra work for me.

I hint, I dig, I'm sarcastic, I tell him. He just doesn't get it, he just sits. "Do You have this" "Do you have that" this is all I get from him all day. Saturday he was waxing his car. I ask, can you vacuum mine out and wipe the windows on the inside from all the kids fingerprints. He gave me a look, but then agreed ONLY because the kids were so excited to wash momma's SUV. Then he goes - well, can you get me another beer then. HE WAS STANDING right next to the fridge?? He is just unbelievable sometimes!! Whenever I ask him to do something for me. He thinks he can then ask me to wait on him like a maid. It drives me crazy!!!!!!

He asks me Saturday, Do you want me to trim the shrubs along - where ever he was asking, I didn't even care - I don't care - I don't even look at the shrubs. So I reply, Why do you always say, do you want me to to do this or that? Just do it, why are you asking me if I want it done. I could care less about the stupid shrubs! You are the man, you are the guy, just trim the shurbs if you want too!!

I made an icecream sandwich cake on Saturday as well. No one liked it, including me. All kinds of yuck! I guess you should like ice cream sandwiches!! Who knew!!

Sunday morning I am drinking my coffee and I hear from hubbie "Do you have any ribs?" I reply, I'm not making ribs. He ignores me, "So do you have any ribs left?" (I know what he is asking, are they any ribs left from the cow we butchered). I reply again, I'm not making ribs. He left it alone. GOOD BOY!! Sunday was uneventful, church, park, home, lunch, hubbie took two oldest minature golfing (and complained prior and after),

swimming in the pool (oh, yes, I caved on this one, the pool is sitting on my deck), a craft project (wood kit, $1, paint and glue together, boat, ship or car-kids love these), loads of playing and a Mexican layered dip for dinner. I always make this the way hubbie likes it, loaded with meat. But I didn't want any meat on it yesterday. I made it with black beans instead. DELICIOUS! He said he didn't care for it, but ate almost the entire platter??

Which leads me to this question. Are you a dipper of dips or a scooper of dips? I am a dipper, a small diper at that. Just a dab will do me. My hubbie is a scooper. A HUGE scooper. When we first started to date, he would drive me crazy with his scooping. NOW, we always ask for two sides of dip. One for him to scoop and one for me to dip. He will scoop all his dip out in about four bites and then keep looking at mine. Funny yes, not to me! Dip is for dipping dude!

This is daughter, we were playing 'sword fight'. Son was chasing her around the dining room!
Fun times! The weekend was nice and the weather was great. Actually couldn't be more perfect.

It is Monday, my house is a mess already. I just cleaned it spotless on Friday and Saturday. I have too much laundry to do and I am wiped!! I think I will buy a new handbag!! No, just kidding . . . off to do homework with the children!