Days Seem To Get Away From Me

Days just seem to get away from me lately. There is so much to do in October . . . apples picking, pumpkin picking and pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving, petting zoos, amusement parks and bicycle rides, outdoor picnics and next up trick or treating . . . we are trying to stuff in all our outdoors activities before snow hits the ground here in Chicago.

There is a rush-ness(is that a word, I don't think that is a word) to our actions these days . . . wanting to get every last bit of sun we can from each and every day before the skies turn to gloom and doom . . . which is coming fast. The sun has already begun his speedy decent each evening instead of the long sunsets of summer.

The summer clothes have been moved out of dressers . . . the flip flops and sandals have been put away in the basement. Extra blankets have been taken out of cupboards and placed on the ends of beds for the cold nights that have crept up on us all here in the Midwest. Spring and summer jackets have been replaced with fall jackets and we have even brought up the hats and mittens for the extra cool mornings and evenings we have been having.

I suffer in the cold . . . I do not like living in the midwest . . . not one little bit . . . a piece of me shrivels up each little drop on the thermometer . . . . my toes and fingertips are forever cold these days and will be for the long winter that is fast approaching . . . I'm going to miss beautiful October . . . one of my favorite colorful months of the year.






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