We spent the day in the city {Chicago} on Sunday as I said we would. I wanted to give my son a bit of a break from schooling and home and just let him have a day of fun. We had a perfectly, glorious day at Navy Pier. We arrived bright and early and promptly went to one of my children's favorite locations on the planet. The Children's Museum! The girls had an absolute blast. I didn't rush them through any experiences at all, I simply stood around and let their imaginations take them away. What I did discover while there is that my son has slightly outgrown the museum {and oh this breaks my heart into so many pieces}. There were still a few experiences that he loved, but I heard quite often "I'm bored".

We went to lunch and realized while we were having fun at the museum that half the nation decided to visit Navy Pier as well. After lunch we visited the Funhouse Maze, well, I stood in the hall with my daughter because she freaked out at the door and wouldn't step a foot inside. {Completely fine with me actually!!} My son had so much fun, hubbie took him through a second time! Little one screamed for me upon her exit and wouldn't let go of my neck for at least 10 minutes! {oops}

We stopped for some ice cream since this treat makes everyone feel better, right?


I'm completely loving this texture by the way . . . but not so much on the children's faces . . . I know there is a way to mask their faces from the texture but have yet to figure this task out! (EDIT: I finally figured it out and have updated the photo)

We went back to the museum for another hour and then on to the IMAX to watch the amazing Born To Be Wild show.

We took a walk over to the wonderful fountain and the girls soaked themselves silly!

My son even ventured into the water for a bit . . . and smiled! We went back to Navy Pier and went on a few rides, steered some boats, ate some pizza and then we drove our weary bones back home.

We really had a spectacular day . . . which was what I had hoped for!