Teacher Appreciation Gifts : Classy Dollar Bin Teacher Appreciation Gift

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th through May 10th and I wanted to give my children's teachers a bit of something to let them know we appreciate all their hard work. We do homeschool, but my children attend a consortium one day a week and have wonderful teachers who work so very hard. My son has six teachers and my daughter has five teachers, so it is a bit expensive for me to purchase gift cards for 11 teachers.

I thought I would create a little something for Spring to bring a smile across a busy face. My original idea was to purchase a pot and plant some herbs as I have done previously, but I really didn't have time to 'plant' 11 pots with herbs. I simply went to a home improvement store and looked at herbs and seeds and purchased packets of beets, kale and radishes for $1 each.

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I then searched in the dollar bins at a local superstore and couldn't believe my luck. Sitting in the bins were garden gloves and gardening tools, as well as these adorable red watering cans. I was also able to pick up a roll of bakers twine.

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I searched for an appropriate tag and couldn't find one that would fit my new theme. I downloaded one that was somewhat similiar and simply edited it to my likely and the gifts were complete. The children had fun placing the watering can together.

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So easy!

So adorable!

So economical!

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So appreciated!