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I'm sitting here in front of the computer on a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun is finally shining! The weather this past couple of weeks here in Chicago has been Gloomy June. I should be outside enjoying the weather . . . and my family. My husband took the children up to the local splashpark (It is literally in my back yard) and instead of going, here I sit.

I'm sitting here because to be in the sun puts me in excruciating pain. I have Herpetic Stromal Keratitis in in my eyeball, plus Epiphora(constant tearing) and a couple of other issues with my eyeball. It is so annoying and painful and frustrating all wrapped together. The Keratitis only bothers me every few months, but it is the most painful, brain searing pain you would ever have. The drops I use dilate my pupils dilated around the clock and I can't handle any light source. . . oh, and blinking. I put steroids in my eyes to alleviate the issue, which in itself worries me, but it is the only action that will help. I'm having surgery in a couple of weeks to correct all the other issues. Can't wait to take photos of my bruised face!

So I sit here in my bedroom with all the drapes drawn, light off and a wet towel to push my eyeballs into my skull and my laptop . . . listening to music on YouTube and feeling sorry for myself. Lovely Sunday I tell you.

Here are some photos from my little one's birthday party we had a couple of weeks ago.


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