Children's Parties in Review

 of which there have been many in my house!! It is too hard to choose which was my favorite, although I think the Princess & Pirate Party was the best one to date, and perhaps the Princess Pony Party, oh and I can't forget the Petting Zoo Party . . . see I just can't decide! I'm going to highlight the cakes, for which my parites are known! Everyone always wants to knowm"what will the cake be this year"!!

I tend to go all out for birthday parties for my children . . . mainly because I did not ever get a party, an all out kids party for myself when I was little. I refuse to cheat my children of this wonderful experience. Even though the older I get the harder it is for me to recover (giggles). Cakes are my specialty, each year I seem to improve. At least I hope I am! I always let the birthday child pick their theme and we go from there.

Elmo cake for my son's 1st birthday - very cute - he hated to touch the frosting!
Elmo everything covered the house
{2nd birthday party we had an awesome balloon twister, no photos of the cakes(?) or the party(??)}
3rd birthday cake - my son was in love with trains during this age, we had every sort of train you could think of around the house, even one to ride on, with tracks!

4th birthday party, the new love was SpiderMan - we had just returned from China (literally days before - I was a pregnant(12 weeks) zombie~argh look at my hair - almost all grey-no hair dye at all AND I was skinnier then, pregnant, than I am now double grrrr)
5th birthday cake - who doesn't love Scooby Doo

6th Swimming Party with individual skeleton cupcakes
7th Sledding Party with Jolly Ranger cupcakes



1st Princess Pony party!
{it's so funny to look at old photos and see what my house looked like and how much I have changed it around today)

2nd Princess Pony Party in Beijing, China

3rd Petting Zoo Party

gift table

table scape - click to enlarge

my hubbie made the castle and pirate ships from cardboard and I painted them


4th Princess & Pirate Party - complete with a treasure hunt! This was the biggest and most planned out party I have ever done and it completely did ME IN!

5th Pet Shop Party


1st Birthday Party - Just Pink & Girly

2nd My Little Pony Party

3rd Princess Party

and I was able to recycle the poms and lanterns for this: