I really thought this week would be a great week to capture loads of expressions from my childrens faces. We have a wide array of facial expressions in this house throughout the day. However, every time I attempted to capture a face with an expression I liked . . . the expression would disappear. Really one must be quite diligent with children and their expressions and a camera. My children are ready to toss my camera right out the window about now.
I have so many photos that are almost what I wanted to post OR so close to a funny expression OR a near miss (or hit) of a fabulous facial smirk.


This assignment was much harder than I had anticipated. I really thought it would be quite easy to capture my childrens expressions . . . especially my little one who has yet mastered the ability to hide her expressions. But this little one proved to be the most difficult to capture. She refused to even look up when I had the camera in front of my face, even on my insistance and begging. For instance, right now, she is having a major "mad at Momma moment" and naturally I tried to capture it and she won't acknowledge that I exsist. But I guess that is what I get for trying to post a blog when she just woke up from a nap.

Anyway, my captures for this week of my children (of course) and their many expressions that keep me in Tiaras & Tantrums!

concentration (Got the tongue though)

disgust (I was taking too many photos of him)

annoyed (hurry UP Momma)

silly (Momma, take my picture now)

upset (just push me Momma, higher)

happy (Hey Momma, look at me)