But Momma, But Momma . . .


My daughter recently had her 6th birthday and she was so excited. The entire day I kept hearing . . .
daughter: "Am I six now?"
me: "yes, honey, you are six now"
daughter: "Am I really six now?"
me(Smiling): "Yes, darling, you really are six now."
daughter: "But Momma, but Momma, are you sure I am six now?"
me: "Sweetie, you are six now and will be for one full year."
daughter: "Momma will you still love me if I'm six?"
me: "Oh, sweet girl, of course I will . . . I will love you until you are 100."
son: "Mom, I'll still love you when you are old and wrinkly like grandma, okay?"
me: "Thanks honey"