Bust A Gut!

This daughter of mine has the most contagious laugh . . . causing infectious laughter wherever she roams. My daughter is always smiling . . . ALWAYS . . . it is a rare occasion for her to be unhappy. I love that she is a ray of sunshine. My little ray of sunshine that wakes me up every morning my tapping on my eyelids to let me know she is starving . . . I grab her for a bit of a snuggle and she always wiggles her way out and grabs me to "get up" and feed her.  She's my morning bird, this girl, while my other children are night owls, like myself. But it never deters her from smiling or letting out of peal of laughter . . . for no particular reason at all . . . simply because her heart is happy and full of joy.

I hope I always see that ray of light in her eyes.