Black and White Minimalist Photography

My life is so busy and hectic that I could never be called a minimalist. My home is so full of stuff that it could never be classified as minimalist {I'm gigling to myself as I look around now at the mass of things my three children have in my home}.

I really wanted to focus on minimalistic photos this week, but I was completely derailed by sick children. I had ideas floating around in my brain and just simply was never able to pull them off as I was tending to runny noses, hacking lungs and very crabby children all week.

This morning all my children were feeling much better and I had every intention of getting outside in search of some fabulous minimalist landscapes. However, it was raining all morning long and then the rain quickly turned into fat, fluffy flakes of snow. Nary a fluffy cloud in the sky for some obvious texture for me to shoot. The idea was to have an area with a minimum number of colors, shapes, textures and lines. Which is hard to do when big, fat fluffy snowflakes are landing on your nose!

I was hilarious to watch, let me just say. I was trampling through the snow in boots, all bundled up, with my girls following close behind me, as I was carrying a bright blue umbrella to protect my lovely camera from said fat, fluffy flakes. A hoot, I tell you!

Whilst these photos are hardly minimalist, they certainly are white {filled}.


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