Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo is situated in the Xicheng District. The Beijing Zoo is home to around 600 different species of animals and has approximately 5,000 animals. The Beijing Zoo is located on Xizhimenwai Street.

When we were on an expatriate assignment in Beijing, we tried to take advantage of what this historic city had to offer an American family with two small children. Since the zoo is always a favorite with children, we visited The Beijing Zoo on several occasions.

We were very excited to see the most popular attraction - the giant pandas. But the zebras, giraffes and elephants were a huge draw for us. You are able to purchase palm fronds to feed to the elephants and my son loved this activity (you can see from the image, that my son was a bit of an attraction as well to the locals).

The Beijing Zoo

Feeding the Elephants

Feeding the Giraffes

For an additional cost, you are also able to feed the giraffes (and once again, my son became the main attraction with the local Chinese). Feeding the giraffes was such an amazing experience for my little people and for my husband and I. We had lived our entire lives in the United States and no zoos ever allowed the feeding of animals. This was quite a treat for all of us.