Bed Time Antics

 I am more sleep deprived than is humanly possible - but so used to it at this point. I have not slept a full night sleep since the night my water broke with my first child!!

Or I should say, since I married my husband, who snores and interrupts my sleep, plus he is more than twice my weight, so shifting in bed for him, throws me practically out of bed. He is blind as ever so when he is about at night, he makes entirely too much noise AND has never learned proper bed etiquette. Such as the delicate way to get in and out of bed without disturbing your spouse!

Bedtime antics are very comical in my house. I’ve never been that type of mom who could get her kids to sleep, successfully in their own beds! Never! From day one with my first born, I just couldn’t be the Sleep Nazi! To this day, almost eight years later, I still suck!

Just visualize this. My husband is on his side of the bed, my son beside him, but not too close because he hates to sleep by my husband and falls asleep crying most nights because the baby(each new sister is the baby) has 'stolen' his spot (very sweet). The baby is beside me, then me on my side. My daughter lies horizontal at my feet, but not touching my husband, because he will practically throw her on top of me if she touches him. Pillows and blankets everywhere – my daughter has no less than four special blankies and 2 pillows and some sort of stuffie as well.

It is hilarious to watch her try to carry all her "Stuff" around! She cracks me up and must sleep with all of them. You can't find her in the sea of pillows and blankets! My son has a small pillow he sleeps with under his shirt (tummy aches all the time) and a few stuffies, all puppies. The baby has a blanket that she won't sleep without now.

ALL THIS IN ONE {CAL KING} BED!! I have the smallest space ever to sleep. The baby sleeps on my pillow with me and if I try to move her over to share the middle pillow with my son, invariably she wakes up and starts to scream. But if she doesn't wake, she will move and squirm about until she is back on my pillow with her head touching mine. And secretly, I do love this! Just precious! And exhausting!!! What am I going to do when my kids are older - I will be so lonely in bed!!!