Bag Reveal And Now You


 One that is right up my very long, shelf full of handbags. I have posted about handbags before today . . . for instance in you wanted to know what I carry around you could read what's in my handbag, if you are interested in how many handbags I have you could read about my addictions to handbags and for one of my favorite handbags you could read a new loved handbag.

So the rule of this meme is to post a photo of the handbag you are currently carrying RIGHT.NOW. No cheating. This was super easy for me because I am currently carrying this very day my I have a new love handbag. My black Chloe handbag.


I have a small love affair going on with handbags. Really, I think it is more like a sickness! I heart handbags, divinely expensive handbags!

Oh, and I must add this, the size of the purse matters. To me at least. Because of all the baby and kid stuff that I still need to carry, I need a tote bag. A big tote bag. No small, dainty purse will do for me! I like big delicious, expensive bags and they MUST not look like a diaper bag!

So here is a photo of my beloved heavy baby!


The next rule is to state how much it cost. Again, super easy. My Chloe bag was FREE. My gorgeous friend from China sent it to me! Yes, it is totally fake, but I still LOVE it!