Back To School Is Over & Disney is on Netflix

September has been a month that began with ease. We were on a good roll with our new school schedules and settling in with new classes and new activities. Then all of a sudden, I do not know what happened, but September tried to kill me.

I have three kids at two different schools and all their activities are on different days, in different direction and at different locations. Like, I need a clone STAT! And I also need everyone to just stop leaving their house so I don't have the issue of traffic to deal with ☺

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The one saving grace for me this month was Longmire started last week!! I just need to find the time to get through this show, that I absolutely love! the cowboy - swoon! Also, starting tomorrow (September 30th) is a NEW Netflix original series - -  Marvel's Luke Cage -- my husband and I are ardent fans of Daredevil and Marvel's Jessica Jones -- so we are super excited to see Luke Cage! How 'bout them muscles!

Now, I am still totally on my British show kick, but I have to watch them late at night or my son gives me grief. He literally tried to ground me from watching British shows - as if! I watched Cleverman, which is technically not British, but Aussie; however, there are still the accents. Cleverman is based in the near future, and is about physically powerful beings known as 'Hairies' because, well, they are super hairy. They struggle to survive in a segregated society dominated by hostile humans. I liked it!

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My kids pretty much have full control of the television and Netflix during the day and early evenings. They have been catching up on all their Disney favorites because Disney arrived on Netflix! First on the agenda was Zootopia.

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I took my daughters to see this at the theater, but my son had not seen Zootopia yet. My daughters were so excited that he agreed to sit and watch it with them because you know, teenager brothers aren't always so nice to their little sisters! So, yeah, if you haven't seen Zootopia - get to streaming!

#Netflix #StreamTeam

My girls can also find all the best Disney movies on Netflix to stream now. Like, Tarzan, Mulan II (which is on repeat streaming), Robin Hood, Holes, and Pirates of the Caribbean. So basically, I have just given you every reason why you should never leave your house again. Like stay home, stream Disney on Netflix and don't cause traffic jams for me, because I'm busy chauffeuring my kids all over Chicagoland.

Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement as a Netflix #StreamTeam Member. All opinions are my own. #NetflixKids #Netflix#NetflixMoms Want to learn more about Netflix Streaming? Subscriptions start at $7.99/month.