Back To School

Back to School this school year means something entirely different to this little girl. We found out two weeks before school was to begin that her private Christian school was closing {due to low enrollment}. It made me so sad to think of the great teachers who were now out of a job and the fabulous director who did everything she could to keep the doors open. I was misty eyed thinking of all the times I came to pick my little one up from school over the past two years and how happy she was there.

When I told my wee one her school was closing and she would not be attending Kindergarten there, she was heartbroken and literally starting sobbing and I could barely consol her. In the end I was able to comfort her in the fact she would now be homeschooling with momma and her sister and brother.

She was very excited for this next phase of school, even though I was secretly very apprehensive that I would be able to teach three children at three different grade levels. She was very scared when I told her she would be attending homeschool coop like her siblings, but quickly brightened up once her sister told her how much fun she would have there with the Art instructor {she is spectacular!}.

After three full weeks of homechooling my little Kindergartner, I have to say she is such a hard working student and so very eager to learn. She happily and greedily completes all her work and tasks and firmly states "I'm done, I'm ready for my next paper Momma."

Music to my ears!