Autumn Splendor

I L O V E taking photos in the fall . . . really, I happen to think I take more photos August through November than any other months of the year . . . this photo below is exactly why . . . the sun flares seem to be easier to capture (at least for me) in Autumn . . . I love this photo of my little one . . . trying to keep up with her siblings who are usually so very far ahead of us . . . this time she was first and so excited to show me how fast her running shoes were enabling her to go. She was so proud of herself for finally being first! This Equestrian Reserve is by our house and I finally took the children to the back area (a very long walk I might add, but well worth it). We all had such a great afternoon walking w.a.y back there and I was able to capture some amazing shots.

This is my favorite Autumn Splendor photo.