Are You Ready

As much as I would love to sit at this computer all day and night long, reading and posting . . . just can't do it. These three kids, big house, dog, hubbie, laundry, grocery shopping (I don't do delivery), cleaning (I don't have a cleaning service-they all suck arse), cooking, and being an all around mean mom making my children do homework in the summer, just get in my way of having a daily blogfestival!

I wasn't too keen on posting a picture of my house. But here it is. Taken from an angle because I do not want my house number shown on any website. I had to cross the street and I can't stand in the pond to get a full frontal view, thus on the sidewalk for a side view. We have lived here for 7.5 years and I still love my house. Hate the city we live in, hate the rotten school district, abhor the taxes, love my house!


This is my husband's drawer. Since I am a major organizational freak, I don't have a personal junk drawer. BUT, I do shove all his belongings in this drawer that he leaves laying about all the time.


My office, hubbie's office, my scrapbooking room, kid's play area. I love that desk. I bought it at a consignment shop in rural Iowa for $75 with the glass top! This is the only room that has a telephone as well. I refuse to have a telephone in any other room in our house! The phone is never on the base anyway, and I can never find it when the phone does actually ring! The swords, shield and head thumper thingy(don't know the actual name) are hubbie's.


I received this necklace from my favorite Aussie bud for my 40th birthday. It is a very rare piece of jade and so special to me. I don't wear it often because jade is extremely breakable. I didn't think my wedding ring would be the best to post. This ring is my absolute most favorite piece and I only take it off to clean it (I have never taken my wedding band off-NEVER), but a picture of a wedding ring seemed boring.



My calfs - love them. Best feature of mine I feel. They look the same (almost) as when I was a cheerleader, pom pom girl, baton twirler in high school. Yes, that is a tattoo you see. I got inked when I was 19 and no, I don't regret it too much now. I still like the tattoo. Don't look too closely, I didn't shave my legs (yes, this is an on going issue with me). (you have no idea how hard this picture was to take)