Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50

Are you looking for great gifts for all your loved ones this holiday season? I have compiled a list of amazing gifts that are useful, thoughtful and all under $50. These Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 will please everyone on your holiday list this year.

Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Tiaras & Tantrums

The Silly Season is beginning and we will all soon be scouring websites and store shelves in order to find the most thoughtful and most useful gift to give all our family, children and friends. Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be very stressful due to time and budget restraints. Don’t just give a gift card this year.

Here are Amazing Gift Ideas for Under $50 for products that I actually HAVE and use and have gifted to loved ones over the years.

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Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 YETI Rambler Mug
My brother actually gifted me this YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug + Lid last year and it is my go-to coffee mug. I like hot coffee, like, I take a fresh brewed cup and nuke it for 30 more seconds every single time. But, I don’t have to do this any longer with my YEKI Mug. My coffee stays hot and I can drink the entire cup before placing it back in the microwave 12 times! The YETI Mug comes in 9 different colors. I can’t recommend YETI products enough - they are fantastic! My husband has the YETI Tumbler and my brother actually has TWO of the YETI Roadie Coolers for summer boating season.


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Wool Dryer Balls
I was turned on to wool dryer balls a couple of years ago by a fellow home educating mom who told me I had to use them. I purchased mine through Norwex becuase this mom happened to sell Norwex products. There are a anumber of retailers who have Wool Dryer Balls and Amazon sells these 6 Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep are included . Thrive sells 3 Wool Dryer Balls By Molly's Suds and Target sells a 2 pack of Dryer Balls , but they are not made of wool. I love my wool dryer balls and I no longer have to use dryer sheets. I can even add a few drops of essential oil to the dryer balls if I want some added scent. My kids love to juggle with the wool dryer balls as well! LOL


Amazing Gift Under $50 Tiaras & Tantrums
Everyone needs a felt letter board. Really, my kids have SO Much fun with ours which I purchased a couple of years ago. These Felt Letter Boards are gret for leaving inspirational messages for your family. And they are fanastic for parties in your home. Any type of meesage can be placed on a Felt Letter Boards : silly, sarcastic, inspirational, funny?? This one comes in 15 different colors and has 300 white plastic letters included.


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Aromatheraphy Diffuser
Everyone is on the essential oils bandwagon . . . including me. I began using oils a few years ago because of the brutal winters here in Chicago. My daughters and myself have asthma and winter here is so very hard on our lungs. The bitter dry winters wreck havoc with our breathing abilities. I have aromatherapy diffusers by every bed in our home. There are a number of aromatherapy diffusers avaiable and essentially just purchase one that allows for essential oils. I really like the Serene House aromatherapy diffusers from Amazon. It is white, so it will match every room in your home. There are cheaper diffusers and there are more expensive diffusers. I have purchased cheap and they don't last long.


ball.jpgAmazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Photography lens ball
This gift is great for all your friends who love photography. My daughter is having so much fun with this photography lens ball / globe. She adores it and I love all the creativty that just flows from her whilst using the ball. This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone, tween, teen or adult who loves photograhy. This particular photography lens ball is from Amazon as well and come with the Photograph Crystal Ball, Stand and Pouch. Really, it is a steal for this price.


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Christmas Scenario Cookie Cutter Set
Now it would not be the holiday season without holiday baking. In my house, the art of making cookies has progressed over the years from sugar cookies with piles of frosting and spinkles to gingerbread houses that are works of art. Baking cookies is a family tradition that was passed down from my grandmother to me and now my daughters have taken over the and surpassed me. They happen to love this Christmas Scenario Cookie Cutter Set because it can create three dimensional Christmas cookies. There is a snowman, tree deer and sled included in this set! You will use this for many decades! It never wears out!


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Ekogrips Silicone Oven Mitts
So something that goes hand-in-hand with baking is burning your fingertips or wrist on the oven racks because you are tired or rushing or just not being overly careful. I found THESE BEST oven gloves EVER to remedy this problem. The MOST AMAZING Heat Resistant, Insulated Silicone Oven Mitts for baking (and really cooking in general), especially if your kiddos are cooking with you, are the Ekogrips. They are Waterproof, Full Finger, Full Hand, and have full Wrist Protection. I LOVE these!
Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Embossed Christmas 3D Rolling Pin
And since I am chatting about baking, I HAD to include this awesome Embossed 3D Rolling Pin that is only $29. My daughters ADORE this rolling pin. My MIL was even very impressed, and that is a HUGE feat for me to impress her. This Embossed Christmas 3D Rolling Pin is engraved with 3mm deep prints whihc is so essential and PERFECT for kaking with your kiddos during the holiday season. This rolling pin works great on dough, crusts, pies and pastries and EVEN on playdough! The enbossing is gorgeous reindeers. This is a rolling pin you will be handing down to your daughters for years to come.


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Unicorn Makeup Brush Set
This new amazing gift idea unser $50 is a selfish purchase. I was in dire need of new makeup brushes and my daughter convinced me I needed this Rainbow Unicorn Brush Set . There are SO many different unicorn makeup brush sets available, but I liked this one in particular because it included 12 brushes. I USE THEM ALL! These are really pretty and the bristles are SO SOFT! I have had them for two years now and they are just as soft as when I purchased them.


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Watercolor Brush Pen Set
Now, I have two daughters who love to draw, sketch, paint, watercolor, acrylic, and craft their way through the day. I purchased my oldset daughter a set of Watercolor Brush Pens two years for her birthday and she asked for more this year on her birthday this year. This particular set was basically a starter set for her and worked very well especially since it cost less than $20. I also purchased her this Watercolor Mini Pak for another gift earlier this year and she really likes it. It has the paint blocks and the brush all in the little kit. For her birthday this year, she wanted a really nice watercolor kit with a brush pen, so I purchased this one for her. It is $30 and the paint is really nice. Her watercolor painting has greatly improved with the quality of paint. She has asked for an even better set for Christmas this year. She really wants the paint set from Schmincke Horadam Aquarell, but I am not sure if I want to begin spending that much money on art supplies for her!


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun
Until recently I had this issue where I was purchasing a cheapo hot glue gun about every few months. It would die, the depresser button would break, my daughters would have all types of yarn stuck to the tip. Really anything and everything that could happen to a glue gun, has happened to me. Ultimately, I would have to purchase a new hot glue gun all the dang time. I finally decided to go over my $5 budget limit on a hot glue gun and actually purchase cordless hot glue gun. I mean, really, I only spent $10 dollars more and I have SO MUCH more peace of mind with this NEW nifty cordless hot glue gun. I don't know WHY I took so long to purchase one. Literally, I buy one for everyone now and tell them to toss the $5 one in the trash bin. It cost $16 and has lasted way longer than 3 months!


Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 From Amazon Magic Penny Magnet Kit
I bought this for my son a number of years ago and he has had years of fun! No joke! I actually bought another one last year for my daughter and now my last child has requested her very own Magic Penny Maget Kit because older siblings do notlike to share. This Magic Penny Magnet Kit will bring your child hours of fun - - without being on any type of technology toy! Hands on play, manipulative play and your kids can build different projects included in the project book OR come up withtheir own creations!
Amazing Gift Ideas Under $5 FROM Amazon Drinking Bird
Do you remember seeing this Drinking Bird, the Original Vintage Retro Magic Sippy Dipping Bird, in yoru school classroom as a child? I do and I always wanted one. I bought one for each of my chidlren years ago -- and guess what? THEY STILL Play with their Drinking Bird - he is always in perpetual motion! Hours of mesmerizing fun!
Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 from Amazon Newton's Cradle Tiaras & Tantrums
Here is another toy you may recall from your youth, Newton's Cradle. Another science wonder that may have been in your science room as a kid, and one that your teacher's would never let you touch! I purchased a Newton's Cradle for my son a number of years ago -- he loved it! his sister's distroyed it! LOL He was pretty young and his sister's were really young, so if you have little people, they will tangle Newton's Cradle, it's just a fact. BUT, this is great for older kiddos, say age and up. I have purchased a Newton's Cradle for each of my kids and they all still have their Newton's Cradle on their desks.
Amazing Gifts Ideas under $ from Amazon Pin Sculpture Tiaras & Tantrums
Here is another techy toy my kids really love to play with, as in, I had to purchase three of them, because, yeah, no one likes to share. This Classic Pin Art Toy Sculpture really garners hours of fun for kids and teenagers! They are avaialbe in either plastic or metal, and I have had versions of both and I can say in all honesty, the metal Pin Toy Sculpture is better. It lasts much longer and the pins do not break off.
Amazing Gifts Ideas Under $ from Amazon Spirography Tiaras & Tantrums
Do you recall playing with a Spirograph when you were a kid? I remember having maybe one single Spirograph to play with, but now you can get your kiddos an entire Spirograph Design Tin Set. This particular one is small enough to bring in the car for trips or pack in a bag to bring on an airplane for flights whilst traveling. My duaghter actually carries hers in her backpack and brings it to school to play with during activity period and lunch with her friends. This Spirograph Design Tin Set really does bring loads of fun for all ages!
Amazing #Amazon Gift Ideas for kids Under $50 #GiftIdeas
Amazing #Amazon Gift Ideas for kids Under $50 #GiftIdeas

These amazing gift ideas for under $50 are great party gifts, gifts for family member or really, if you want to indulge yourself, be sure to order these in time for stocking stuffers!